Swallowing stones – by Joyce Mcdonald, is about a young man named Michael Mackenzie who carelessly fires his brand new Winchester Rifle into the sky. That same bullet strikes _____ Ward on the back of the head, and kills him. Jenna Ward, Mr. Wards daughter, has trouble accepting what has happened to her dear father, and you follow her through her stages of anger and grief. while also following Michael in his journey to make the right or wrong decision about telling his secret. The book has an amazing action packed story that keeps you wondering the next move, and fate of these well designed three dimensional characters.  The story will also take you through your own emotions such as : anger, fear, suspense, relief, sorrow, and happiness. Joyce does a great job of reminding us of what life as a teenager was like, and this great depth of reality causes us to reflect on our wrong decisions we made in our younger days. The book’s ending also leaves you hungry for more suspenseful action.

I recommend you read this book as soon as possible, because your life could change at any moment.

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