Pobre Ana project

This past week in my Spanish 1 honors class my peers and I have studied the geography of Mexico! We have mostly looked at Nyarit, Mexico, as this is the state Ana, the main character of the book ¨Pobre Ana¨ by Blaine Ray, travels to in order to get out of the house and learn more about the wonderful country that is Mexico. I have gained tons of knowledge of Mexico and what there is to do there. For example, did you know that Nyarit, Mexico, has a population of 1.18 million and that the capital of Nyarit, Tepic, has a population of 323,863? That’s large but nowhere near as large of that of Texas, or even the capital of Mexico,  Mexico City, which has a population of 8.855 million! Fun fact! If you went to Mexico with only ten United States dollars you would have 188.42 Mexican pesos, which sounds like a lot, but in actuality is the same. This means that the exchange rate from dollar to peso is 18.84. As a part of the project, we also constructed a google slide of the ¨Top ten things to do around Nyarit, Mexico¨ which included everything from cafes to art walks! I found some quite unexpected activities that seemed like they would be a lot of fun. You can view that slideshow below in case you plan on taking a spontaneous trip, or are just plain interested!


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